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Industry Introduction

Perovskite’s potential applications are varied and include uses in sensors and catalyst electrodes, certain types of fuel cells, solar cells, lasers, memory devices and spintronics applications. For example, Perovskites hold promise for creating solar panels that could be easily deposited onto most surfaces, including flexible and textured ones. These materials would also be lightweight, cheap to produce, and as efficient as today’s leading photovoltaic materials, which are mainly silicon.

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Perfect Environment

It is recommended to fabricate perovskites inside a glovebox, the low moisture and Oxygen atmosphere inside a Vigor SG glovebox is a perfect environment for making perovskites. For high efficiency Perovskite solar cells you could also integrate a spin coater, Vigor Europe offer fully integrated coaters that are seamlessly connected via the floor of the glovebox system complete with a built in external control panel. We are also happy to provide the feed-throughs for you to place your own free standing spin coater inside the glovebox.

Application Highlights

When working with Perovskites inside a glovebox it is always important to ensure you have the correct measures in place to protect the glovebox environment and purification system from harsh solvents. Here at Vigor Europe we recommend that you incorporate a solvent adsorber to remove those solvent vapors prior to them affecting the purifier, we offer the regenerable solvent adsorber that is fully regenerated via the HMI screen and is a lot cleaner and easier to maintain than a non-regenerable option. If you are using a spin-coater and solvents, and you are worried about monitoring the solvent levels, we also offer a VOC analyzer that provides real time readings of your solvent levels inside the enclosure via the HMI.

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